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地址  Add:Xingtou Zhuangbian Village, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Xinhong Machinery

XinHong Machinery Co., Ltd. 1982 from a metal factory, began processing production of metal rolling molding machinery, sub-machinery, flat-panel machinery until now turned into a one for the rolling molding machinery, slitting points, horizontal Design, manufacture in one of the technology company, the relevant engineering and technical personnel with more than 30 years of industry experience and on-site installation and debugging capabilities.

Xinhong Machinery is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Nanzhuang Town, Xingtou. And the scenic Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area adjacent to traffic convenience. I have the Secretary for the production plant and office building area of over 70,000 square meters, has a group of rolling, the rails of professional design and technical engineering staff, the company for the domestic demand for rolling molding machinery growing. According to household requirements, has been successfully developed to design a stainless steel sliding window forming unit, rolling shutter and large fire roller shutters, luxury and the latest round of the whole of a full set of harmony-type units. There are more than 1000 kinds of roller forming machines, such as gusset machine, keel machine, square tube machine, thin slitting machine, color corrugated tile machine, C steel machine group and so on.

"Reliable quality, courteous service" is our consistent aim, "radical users of the urgency for the sake of users" is the new Rainbow consistent style, excellent products and perfect technical services to win the trust of our customers and establish a long-term Partnerships. Business scope throughout China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Poland, Malaysia and other countries.

We always adhere to the quality as the main body, relying on Seiko-made products, carefully casting the brand to continue to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad, and jointly create sheet metal forming equipment and steel plate shearing equipment manufacturing glory, please call to purchase related machinery. [  View More + ]

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    Mechanical Name:Room Wall series

    Key words:Tile machine, tile machine, tile machine, tile machinery, tile machine

    Product Description:The color plate of the new rainbow factory is made up of material, molding and post-cutting. The appearance of the color plate is beautiful and beautiful. , Theaters and other rooms and walls. Can be customized according to user specifications production.

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    Mechanical Name:Door frame molding machine series

    Key words:Door frame machine, lace door frame machine, left and right cut frame machine, door frame profile cold roll forming machine

    Product Description:Xin Hong Machinery Plant mainly produces anti-theft door frame equipment, stainless steel door frame equipment, industrial door frame forming machine, such as flying standard door frame unit, stable and durable equipment, profiles produced by good precision, high production efficiency.

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    Mechanical Name:Composite fire shutters series

    Key words:Fire shutters, rolling gates, gates

    Product Description:Xin Hong Machinery Plant mainly produces composite fire shutters, equipment, stable and durable, produced by the profile of good precision, high production efficiency.

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    Kouban, keel series

    Mechanical Name:Kouban, keel series

    Key words :Keel machine light steel keel machine, keel machine, light steel keel cold forming unit, light steel keel roll forming unit, light steel keel cold forming equipment

    Product Description:Equipment from the feeder, guide rack, forming the host, calibration device, cut off part of the length, the receiving station, electrical control and other components. Light steel keel is a high-quality continuous hot-dip galvanized strip as raw material, the cold rolling process by rolling the metal frame for construction, for light-weight sheet metal finishes do not load-bearing structure for a variety of buildings Material ceiling decoration shape, the building's internal and external walls of the base material, with a safe, strong, beautiful, suitable for supporting a variety of sheet metal construction.

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    Mechanical Name:C, Z, U-beam purlin machine series

    Key words:Purlin machine, purlin machine, C purlin machine, U purlin machine, Z purlin machine

    Product Description:Both C-type, Z-type or CZ exchange models are representative of the industry's leading level, reasonable structure, high production efficiency.

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    Mechanical Name:Slitting production lines

    Key words:Precision slitting points of the production line, precision metal points of the machine, strip of the machine

    Product Description:The equipment is composed of feeding cart, uncoiling, feeding, disc blade slitting machine, damping pre-materializing, winding unit, unloading trolley, control system and so on. All PLC control. Touch screen color and operation. High degree of automation.

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    Mechanical Name:Flying shear horizontal cutting production line

    Key words:Flying shear level of cross-cutting production lines, plate-cutting machine, straightening cross-cutting production lines

    Product Description:Machine design reasonable structure, compact, high precision, high efficiency, flexible and convenient adjustment. Automatic detection of coil parameters. A key on the volume. A key reclaim. Automatic alignment. Full PLC control. Touch screen display and operation. High degree of automation.

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    Mechanical Name:High frequency straight seam welded pipe production line

    Key words:Metal welding machine, precision straight seam welded pipe unit,High frequency straight seam welded pipe production line

    Product Description:Can produce pipe, square tube and a variety of special-shaped tube and rectangular tube strip cold-rolled into a tube, and then through the high-frequency induction heating, the seam welded together. Unit advantages are: transmission torque, high rigid frame and roll axis, weld quality, surface smooth, easy to operate.

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    Mechanical Name:Precision six - roller leveling machine

    Key words:Metal precision leveling machine,Precision six - roller leveling machine,Steel plate leveling machine, coil straightening machine

    Product Description:Rack for the frame structure; with high strength, good stiffness characteristics.

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